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The Senate Health Committee, Chaired By Sen. Jackson Mandago Today Met With Governor Johnson Sakaja

The Senate Health Committee, Chaired by Sen. Jackson Mandgo, today met with Nairobi Governor H.E. Johnson Sakaja, The Management Team, Medical Personnel and Hospital Staff of Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital (MLKH) led by Dr. Musa Mohammed and The Management Team, Medical Personnel and Hospital Staff of Kiambu Hospital, led by Dr. Patrick Nyaga (Chief Medical Officer Kiambu Hospital). 

The Committee had requested for further responses to a Statement by Sen. Hamida Kibwana, on the alleged medical negligence that led to the demise of patient Maureen Onyango and patient Edward Otieno at MLKH.

H.E Gov. Sakaja, whilst addressing the Committee, affirmed to his team that the work of the Senate is to protect the counties and interests of the people through legislation and oversight and therefore it would be beneficial for the County to work with the Senators to highlight the challenges that can be addressed.

 He further reiterated that indeed Health Care in Nairobi County has been wanting however with the dedication and hard work of his Office, the County Government and Support of the Senate the state of Health Care is bound to improve.

 He went on to advise that there are indeed a number of challenges and gaps that the Health Sector is facing namely, insufficient number of Nurses and Doctors, lack of Staff Training on Interpersonal, soft skills and Nursing Care, poor handling by Nurses, inadequate Health Financing, under supply of medicines, substandard medical facilities amongst others.

"The State of Health Care in Nairobi has been wanting and that is why we are here before the Senate to sort it out. It is important for us to clarify matters, so that we can help Counties improve on the Health Care systems. What needs to be done for Health to work in Nairobi will be done and Health Care in Nairobi will work and we are structuring how Health Facilities will work", stated Governor Sakaja.

H.E Gov, Sakaja further advised the Committee that they have plans to take back Korogocho (Mama Margaret) and make it a fully fledged level 5 Health facility to reduce the pressure at Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital.

Dr. Musa Mohamed, apprised the Committee on the intricate details of the sequence of events that transpired in the 2 cases 1) concerning the Late Maureen Onyango, from when she was received at MLKH and referred to Kiambu Hospital and 2) concerning the Late Edward Otieno from when he was received at MLKH. 

The Committee was deeply concrned by the gaps and challenges mentioned, including the issue of Mental Health that Sen. Hamida stated to be very real and should be taken into account to motivate the Nurses and Doctors.

The Chair, Sen. Mandago assured the Nairobi Governor and his Team that his Committee is willing to work with the County Government to improve Health Care. "We must have a candid discussion as the Health Sector and this Committee will ensure that resources which are in the National Government are returned to the Counties" stated Sen. Mandago.

Other Members present at the meeting were Vice Chair Sen. Mariam Omar, Sen, Hamida Kibwana, Sen. Joe Nyutu, Sen. Okong'o Mogeni and Sen. Esther Okenyuri.


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