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Hon Kuttuny Bashed For Mocking Kenyans on Borrowed Loans

Hon Joshua Kuttuny has taken to social media to mock kenyans concerning the rejection of the IMF loans that Kenyans reacted immensely to on the social media. Hon Kuttuny told Kenyans in his Facebook account that they are borrowing alot of Fuliza loans and yet rejecting Uhuru's borrowing from IMF. Kenyans have however reacted to this in retaliatory attacks.

In his Facebook post Kuttuny said that it's like Kenyans are preaching water while drinking very concentrated wine which he meant as Fuliza loans. Hon Kuttuny has been known as a defender of government who doesn't understand what the common mwananchi is going through especially now during the covid-19 lockdown and closure of businesses.

Hon Joshua Kuttuny utterances raises eyebrows among Kenyans as they question whether Kuttuny is among those who are pocketing the said loans. The major complains from Kenyans had if truly those loans are intended for the right use. Here are a section of Kenyans reacting on social media.

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