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The Daring Words Nderitu Muriithi Used to Address Ruto That Has Left Him Being Condemned By People Online

The leaked voicemail expressing William Ruto's desire to slap Uhuru Kenyatta following the annulment of the 2017 general elections leaked just a few days ago. The 2017 presidential election results were declared invalid by Chief Justice Maraga of the Supreme Court due to suspicions of electoral fraud. After the announcement, Uhuru and Ruto were observed engaging in an intense dispute. According to credible sources, Uhuru has decided to withdraw from the presidential election, contrary to Ruto's position.

Ruto was angered by Uhuru's conduct because he had urged him to continue running for president. This is when Ruto almost smacked Uhuru for trying to resign. Since then, many lawmakers on the Azimio side have harshly condemned Ruto's alleged conduct in response to the widely circulated voice recording.

Nderitu Muriithi has joined the other leaders in condemning Ruto for daring him to confront him in order to slap Uhuru. "Tumechoka na hizo vitisho za William Ruto, ati utake kupiga Rais kofi." Ati upige president kuja! Na kama wewe ni mwanaume kuja tuanane! (We have grown weary of William Ruto's threats. How did he intend on slapping Uhuru? And if you're a man, come confront me. Come!! ) Nderitu Muriithi stated.

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