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Young Articulated Lady Who May Defy Odds To Inherit Raila's Political Empire (Opinion)

She may be new and unfamiliar to you. To many, she may be a very common figure owing to the fact that a lot have revolved around her name in the last few days. The nomination to East African Legislative Assembly has conspicuosly made her become the talk of town with many praising her and criticising her in equal measure.

Winnie Odinga was born on 6th March 1990. She is the fourth and the youngest child to former Prime Minister and ODM party leader Raila Amolo Odinga and Mama Ida Odinga. This earned her the name 'Chogo' ,a Luo name which means 'Last born'. The fiery and well articulated young lady was named after the late Winnie Mandela- a South African apartheid heroine and ex-wife of the late South African President, Nelson Mandela.

At the age of 11, her mother gave her the autobiography of the woman she was named after. This gave her a lot of insights and along with other books, shaped her perspective of life.

With age now working against him, Raila is keen to leave behind his political legacy alive and star shining. The tremendous contributions he has made in the country can't come to an ubrupt halt merely because of him deserting the political stage.

Raila swiftly and gracefully inherited his father Jaramogi Oginga Odinga's leadership mantle and political empire and it is high time he also does the same to his would-be heir.

The nomination of Winnie Odinga to the EALA is seemingly one among many deliberate steps that Raila is deliberately taking to elevate her queen to the political throne.

They say politics is local and Raila is privy and alive to this fact. The ODM boss may not be concerned about who may inherit him at the national stage, but would be keen to pick his household and even regional successor. The Odingas have been darling to Luo Nyanza and it won't come as a great surprise if they embrace Winnie Mandela as their next Kingpin.

Mark my words, in the next five years or so, Raila may be irrelevant and have little say politically but will amicably find able replacement in Winnie Mandela.

It is not a sin for a queen to inherit the throne and what Raila is probably doing is to keep the spirit of Odingaism alive despite few opposition here and there from Luo Nyanza backyard.

In a nutshell, Raila is soon exiting the political stage and mark you, the Odinga spirit will continue to reign through one, Winnie Mandela Odinga. The young and bold lady from Bondo is likely to be another big thing in the political arena.

The above piece remains a mere personal thought and observation based on the current prevailing political situation in the country. The views are open to criticism and correction where need be.

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