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"Mbona Hamtaki Kunisupport?", Xtian Dela Takes on Critics Stopping His 2022 Bid To Parliament

It's said you can have a lot of friends and people who love you but the day you join politics, that is the time you will attract a lot of enemies across the divide. They say politics is a dirty game and only few people can manage to be part of it. Its for the few chosen and not for the weak.

With 2022 elections almost taking shape, many candidates have expressed their interest to vie for different seats with the latest one being Auther Mandela better known as Xtian Dela.

He made headlines last year 2020 during Covid-19 lockdown by hosting a controversial Club Covid which was an online show. Xtian Dela is said to have pocketed more than Sh6 Million from the Covid-19 twerking show with many fans not willing to miss his live instagram stream.

In May 1 2021, Xtian Dela shocked many when he declared he will be on the ballot come 2022. "I will be vying for a political seat in 2022, its time WE took over this country and made some GREAT change," said Dela.

Barely one week, Xtian has said he has received a lot of criticism from young people instead of supporting him. "Its SAD that i'm receiving HATE and criticism from YOUNG people who i thought would be first in line to support my bid to be Westlands MP, We need MORE young people in politics for TRUE change."

This did not go unchallenged with netizens responding back.

@PeterEvansO Dela, we do not need just young people, we need serious and visionary young people and going by your previous conduct, you arent!

@BrianKipsome Its politics bro,,, remember people have diverse opinions about things. Important part is that you don't loose your track eyes on the goal.

@amos_passy Young people have not hating. They are asking you questions to prove yourself as the leader you say you are. At the moment what you're known for ni zile dance za Instagram. Give policies and agenda.

Do you think Xtian Dela is right to blame the youths for criticising his 2022 bid to parliament? Share your thoughts below

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