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Lawyer Ahmednasir Takes a Swipe at Analyst Rashid Abdi After Abdi Compared Kenya & Morocco

Renowned analyst on matters concerning the horn of Africa, Rashid Abdi, has come under fire from city lawyer Ahmednassir Abdullahi following his tweet comparing Kenya and Morocco. Abdi claimed that despite the two states having relatively the same GDP, Morocco had outdone Kenya in various aspects.

Abdi's tweet pointed at Kenya's garbage management system where he said Morocco had shifted towards modernization by recently receiving a shipment of modern garbage trucks while Kenya still uses very old and ordinary trucks that rely on humans for loading and unloading garbage. "Morocco & Kenya are relatively wealthy African states. Their GDPs close. Morocco is building great infrastructure and modernizing rapidly. Kenya too is modernizing, but some things never seem to change: our waste disposal lorries,” wrote Rashid Abdi.

However, lawyer Ahmednassir Abdullahi has rejected Abdi's comparison of the two countries, terming it poor. Ahmednasir alleges that Morocco is way too advanced and challenged Abdi to visit 10 main cities in Morocco before making any comparison. "Your comparison is poor. If you visit the 10 main cities and traverse Morocco, you will see it is too advanced for Kenya. They have made huge strides...Iko stories behind the numbers!" Wrote Ahmednasir.

Ahmednasir's criticism of Abdi comes as a reminder that a comparison between two countries is not always a straightforward task. Different factors come into play, including cultural, economic, social, and political factors, that may affect the pace of development in different countries.

It is also essential to note that Kenya and Morocco have different historical backgrounds and political structures, which may impact their development paths. For instance, Morocco has been under a monarchy system of governance since independence, while Kenya has been under a multi-party democratic system.

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