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Meet 10 Most Powerful People In The World

In the world there are billions of people but there are a few of them who rise through the ranks to be the most powerful in terms of their networth and the positions they hold, here are the most powerful people in the world as provided by the Knowledge Junction;

1. XI Jinpig - China

He was born on 15th June 1953 and has been the president of the Republic of China so since 2013.

2. Vladimir Putin - Russia

He was born on 7th October 1952 and is the current president of Russia and had also served as the prime minister of Russia since 1999 to 2012.

3. Donald Trump - USA

He was born on 14th June 1946 and became the 45th president of USA before losing to Joe Biden, a businessman and a TV personality.

4. Angela Merkel - Germany

She was born on 17th July 1954 and she is regarded as the most powerful woman in the world, she is the Vice chancellor of Germany

5. Jeff Bezos -

He was born on 12th January 1964, an industrialist whose networth is approximated at 145.7 billion US dollars.

6. Pope Francis - Rome

He was born on 17th December 1936 and he is the head of the Catholic church in the world

7. Bill Gates

He was born on 28th October and he is a software developer with networth of 106.1 billion US dollars

8. Mohammed Bin Salman - Saudi Arabia

He was born on 31st August 1985 and he is the crown prince of Saudi Arabia.

9. Narendra Modi - India

He was born on 17th September 1950

10. Larry Page

He was born on 26th March 1973, a software developer and engineer, he is the co-founder of Google with networth of 62.5 billion US dollars.

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