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"Nawaomba Sana Tumwombee Rais Wetu," Magufuli's Top Supporter Pleads With Tanzanians [Video]

A day after taking on Kenyans, Kenyan media houses and their Western counterparts over what he termed their "attacking of Tanzania through false stories about President Magufuli's health status," Tanzanian activist Cyprian Majura Musiba has come out to make a humble request to all Tanzanians and the people who love this East African country.

Speaking in a live interview that was broadcasted by HB TV, Musiba who had plenty of issues to talk about claimed that the President is busy with his official duties and it's only enemies of Tanzanian that have been spreading rumours that he's unwell.

For instance, he identified people like the Belgium based presidential hopeful Tundu Lisu, Fatuma Karume, Didier Abdallah Mulawa alias Kigogo2014 and the whole of Chadema party as being "the enemies of Tanzania that have been propagating the false information which in turn is aimed at downgrading Magufuli's leadership and sabotage Tanzanian economy."

To counter them, Musiba called on all the religious leaders in Tanzania as well as ordinary citizens to pray for President Magufuli because he needs those prayers now than ever.

"Nawaomba sana tumwombee rais wetu ili hizi kazi zake anazozifanya siku hadi siku ziwe nyepesi kwake. Kuna watu wanamwombea mabaya lakini twaomba washindwe kwa jina la Yesu, kwa jina la Mungu.

Viongozi wa dini endeleeni kumwombea rais wetu na Mungu atakuwa naye. Mama ntilie, bodaboda, madereva, wanafunzi, wakulima, wavuvi, nyie wote mwombee," he said.

He then finished the interview by saying that "rais wetu ana afya njema, hana shida na anaendelea na kazi zake vizuri."

Click on the link below to watch him make the appeal at minute 37:00.

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