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What Does It Mean For DP To Be Kicked Out Of The Party He Actively Participated In Its Formation?

The fight between the president and his deputy seem to escalate the more we get closer to 2022. Murathe who is assumed to be the president's mouthpiece weeks ago on a national TV made statements about kicking out the deputy SG Kositany.

It came to pass. He also said now that the all the small fish had been neutralised it was time to hunt the big fish. He was categorical about striping him the position if deputy party leader. That too has finally passed. The final blow now remains with the party leader to convene the NEC and either reaffirm the process or quash it.

As things Stand and with their strained relationship due to the fallout Uhuru is likely to agree with NEC hence kicking Ruto out of JUBILEE. Obviously the reasons don't hold water but uhuru is out to destroy Ruto completely. ( refer to 48 laws of power) If you were to destroy your perceived political opponent do it ruthlessly that they don't get strength to fight back.

Prior to all this there have been calls for impeachment, resignation and other unjustified calls to Mount pressure for him to resign. Murathe was also clear that they would kick the DP out of Karen residence. What options that William Samoei Ruto have to retaliate or fight for survival?

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