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"Even God Will Not Forgive You" Robert Alai Tells President Ruto Amid Ravaging Droughts In Baragoi

Honorable Robert Alai, a recently elected County Assembly member, has criticized the current administration on Twitter for its resistance to measures to save lives in Baragoi.

He asserted that not even God will pardon those in the State House. According to him, the government is preoccupied with praying in the State House at the expense of Kenyans who are in need.

He responded to the tragic tale of children killing a dog for food during a devastating drought.

The drought issue in the northern portions of Kenya has once again come to light thanks to revelations that several kids in Seisei hamlet, an unremarkable outpost in Baragoi, Samburu North, ate a dog.

The event occurred early this week, when many kids between the ages of four and eight years butchered a dog, roasted its meat, and consumed it, according to area Chief Tony Lesokoyo.

After hearing the report, Mr. Lesokoyo claimed he went to the community, which has 140 houses, and verified that three children had in fact eaten dog meat.

After informing their parents they were starving, the kids decided to roast and eat a puppy while they were home alone, according to Mr. Lesokoyo.

The disclosures paint a picture of how hungry residents in Samburu and other parts of Northern Kenya have been forced to eat dogs and drink contaminated water in order to survive.

In the drought-stricken Ejuk village in Samburu North, where the incident took place, there are scenes of despair, with the majority of residents in dire need of immediate life-saving assistance.

According to a local administrator in the region, the children slaughtered the dog and cooked it over an open fire "and this is not the first time".

Most families in Ejuk village and adjacent regions are reportedly going through a rough time, with no one to come to their aid due to the tough economic times being witnessed amid the ongoing drought that has gone on for three years.

The administrator noted that more families are having a difficult time providing food for their children as drought decimates livestock, their only source of a livelihood.


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