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Top 10 High Profile Assassination Attempts On US Presidents That Terribly Failed And Why

1. Andrew Jackson

One January of 1835 a man called Richard Lawrence was determined to kill President Andrew Jackson and with him was a nice pistol for the assassination. When the president was leaving the house of representatives, he was met by this man who pointed the gun at him but it refused to work.

He put the gun away and then took another pistol which then was a misfire. It is not known what cause the first pistol not to work, whether there were no bullets or it simply couldn't work remains a mystery up until the time of reading this. Jackson must have woken up on the right side of the bed.

2. President Theodore Roosevelt

This happened in 1912 when the president was giving his speech but fortunately, it did not work. The president was actually saved because of the length is his written speech which was kept in the pocket close to his chest.

The 50 page long speech prevented the bullet from penetrating to the chest and the heart and that is what saved him. Even after the attempt, he still continued to deliver his speech until he finished.

3. President Habert Hoover in 1928

When visiting Andes, the 31st US president was almost blown up in the train that he was using. The assassins planned to blow up the entire plane that the president was in but he was fun before he could completely install his gadgets.

4. Franklin D. Roosevelt

President Roosevelt's attempted assassination happened on the 15th of February 1933 which was two weeks before his official inauguration into the office of the president.

He had just delivered a short speech and was having a side chat with the then Chicago mayor Anton Cermak when a man called Giuseppe Zangara Opened fire. Cermak was badly injured and even some onlookers but Roosevelt came out unhurt. The man was electrocuted 10 days later.

5. President Harry Truman

According to New York times, President Truman during his turn had received several mail bombs from several gang groups and also some from officials in the white house. Also in November 1st 1950, a man called Oscar Collazo who is a citizen of Puerto Rico tried to kill him. This was a time when the white house was under repair and and the president was staying in his own house and even one police officer died in this attempt and the he was given a life imprisonment.

6. President Richard Nixon

This is actually what we call a high-profile assassination attempt. An assassin by the name Samuel Byke had vowed to bring an end to the life of President Nixon and he seem to be determined to do anything to make it happen. He planned to hijack a plane and crush it over the white house where Richard Nixon was.

He managed to get through and killed two officers at the Baltimore-Washington Airport and even killed the pilots on board. He wanted to drive the plane but was shot through the plane window. He refused to surrender even after being shot and killed himself. This happened in 22nd February 1974.

7. President Gerald Ford

President Ford had two assassination attempts on him twice. On September 5th 1975 while in california, President Ford was in a crowd and was greeting people. When he was greeting a woman called Lynnete Fromme, she drew a gun and wanted to shoot him. The gun misfired and that is when the secret Agents grabbed her.

8. President Ronald Reagan

President Reagan came close to the hands of death on the 30th of March 1981. A man called John Hinckley Jr decided to open fire when the president was walking towards his limousine. Several people were hurt in the attack and including Reagan himself. He was shot in the chest and suffered internal bleeding and an emergency surgery had to be done on him. He was in hospital for several weeks. Known for his great sense of humor, he would joke about it years later.

9. President Obama

In 2011 during his first term in office, a man called Oscar Ramiro Ortega Hernandez decided to open fire on the white house over what he claimed that Obama was an anti christ. The Obama were not in the white house at of the time of the attack and he was arrested later while trying to escape and imprisoned for 27 years.

10. President Trump

During a campaign rally in Las Vegas, a man called Michael Steven Sandford tried to grab a gun from a police officer to try and shoot Trump. The police were quick to act and contain the situation.

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