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Beautiful Photo Of Easther Passaris Wearing A Mini-Skirt At Golf Course Leaves Kenyans Men Wowed

A viral photo of Nairobi Woman Representative, Esther Passaris playing golf at the FIDA- Kenya Charity golf tournament has elicited mixed reactions from Kenyans. The beautiful Woman Rep is never shy of dressing nicely and attractively in amy occasion despite her old age.

To say that the Nairobi women's representative is aging gracefully is an understatement. The stunning appearance of the 57-year-old politician continues to captivate Kenyans.

Esther Passaris is the personification of age; it's just a number. She knows how to dress nicely. Whether she wears a skirt or a beautiful dress, the Politician still manages to keeps everything classy.

Her photo wearing a Mini-Skirt at the FIDA- Golf Tournament which was attended by several high profile Leaders in the country has left Kenyan men admiring her even more. Some of their reactions are as follows;

@Insharkeizer Whatever she does she can't & will never be young.... Mama County you're very beautiful

@winstinoss Aki Passaris mbona umeamua kitumaliza asubuhi na hizi picha zako mzuri. Have a blessed day.

@iansaoa Mimi niko ready kutoa ngombe mia Moja Ili nikuwe na Esther Passaris.. you make me happy my Woman Rep

@kennedyochi Eeeeh! This is what we call beauty that doesn't age.

@MirhTakara @HonBirdi, you and her are the Hot Mamas of ODM.

@13Menengai Maisha iko Sawa when earning 1 million Shillings a month in a poor country like Kenya. It is even better when you only work 25 hours a week.

@CKboit1 Shida ni iyo kitu umevaa, mtu mzima mama wa county hauna nguo?

@DukeAisago How old is she? 24 or 25years?

@yulekim8 Kumbe ni Mali safi hivo,,,acha kwanza nione ka naweza mpigia simu nimwambie namtaka

@Oyugajunior No wonder aliitwa Mama Supu na Miguna kwa JKL

@Noondepeweb She should dress up well..she must understand she is 55 not 23..

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