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Do US Presidents actually work in the oval office?

The oval office is not located in the executive mansion,but in the West wing facing the South lawn.It is hidden by trees for security reasons. depends on the president preference,but it's common these days for them to use the oval office as their working office during the day.

Right off the oval office is a small hallway,that leads to the presidents private dinning room.On the way is a study thats often used as a private workplace for the president.

That's Obama in the study.You can see the door way to the oval office at the end of the hall.

On the left side,out of view is a private rest room for the president.In the family quarters of the residence,the last few presidents have used the Treaty room as a "home office"Here's Obama working in the Treaty room at night.

Nixon spent alot of time working,not only in a different office but a different building.Room 180 in the Eisenhower executive office.Building next to the West wing was set up as a private office for Nixon because he felt he would work with less interruptions.But presidents do work in the oval office.

Finally US presidents do work all over.They have an office in the Air force one,at camp david,at walter reed medical centre and private residence or vacation homes.Thank you.

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