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Trump lawyer mysteriously calls for execution.

HA lawyer for the Trump campaign has called for the execution of Chris Krebs, the former head of the Cyber security and infrastructure security Agency. Because Krebs said the election was the most secure in American history.

A former u.s attorney who represented the president during robert Muller Russia investigation. He is now part of Trump his elite strike force of lawyers who are punishing baseless conspiracy theories and whatever else they can think of to undermine president elect Joe Biden victory in last months election.

Krebs appeared on monday afternoon on the pro Trump news max network where he spent the segment breathlessly punishing electoral fraud conspiracy theories and promising the Trump campaign would produce evidence to back these wild claims.

The conversation switched to Krebs who was fired by trump last month after he said there was zero evidence of electoral. Krebs appeared on sixty minutes on sunday night and reiterated that election had been the most secure in history something that apparently annoyed Krebs.

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