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Opinion: One Costly Mistake that Justice Chitembwe Did that might blow his Chances for the CJ Post [Video]

Following today's hot session and grilling of Justice Chitembwe Said Juma by panelists for the Chief Justice position, his chances seems to hae dwindled when he did this mistake.

In a video going around, Acting Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu who among the panelist raised a question to Chitembwe and asked, "One thing that my lord as President of Court is coming to fix and how he is my lord going to fix that one thing?"

Justice Said baffled by the question didn't answer the question as required instead he categorically said that there is nothing to fix. He said, "I know how the composition of the Supreme Court is, I don't see any problem that needs to be put into spanner works."

By uttering this statement his chances seemed to have flown out the window. In my opinion there have been many cases of bribery and corruption in the corridors of justice in order to favor another side and Supreme court has been on the spotlight for number of cases.

A good case scenario is when Governors file petition to rebuke and challenge elections that didn't meet the threshold and standard of IEBC or when there was stealing and bribery of votes.

The judiciary has some bad and its good share, but to say that there was nothing to fix raises an eyebrow since he has been in the judicial system for close to 12 years and knows how they work.

Tomorrow we have another candidate settling in the hot seat, make sure to stay tuned for more news. Follow and share for more updates as they trickle in.

Here is the video;

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