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When youth take control

Kenya's political arena for a long time have been conquered by the aging generation and those whose lineage is believed to have fought for the liberation of this beautiful nation. When you stand to talk about politics you can't ceased without mentioning the big bosses of well known political parties. Where are the youths? What is their take on issue concerning national development?Where is their impact on the country's political decisions?

The time has come were young generation should engage in their liberation,the time to be involved in important decision making concerning problems affecting them,the time to rise and show their capabilities in building their nation,the time to empower themselves and the time to rule this nation. If youths will not embrace oneness and react to the action of change,then most of them will be in a bondage and blinded by some politicians who not only careless for their interest,but also takes advantage of their weakness to perform their ill motives. They should say no of being used to creating tension in the societies,and fighting against each other for the benefit of an individual.

Youths has the power to change the history of this nation,they have the go a head of turning tables around,they have the say of chosing whoever they want without intimidation or fear of contradiction. How long will you continue crying of unemployment when you have the power at your own hand of creating job if you wish to,crying for fair representation when you can rise and reign, weeping for the hardening of economy when you have the opportunity of rectifying the mistakes. It is time know that youths should seize power from those who takes their trust for granted.

This will only be possible if they decide to do away with politics of ethnicity that has been holding our nation behind over centuries,do away with divisive politics and embrace togetherness as their shield and defender.Unity of the youths a cross the country should be uphold by the youth themselves regardless of the tribe and status quo,they should reason together,speak in one voice and realize their oneness is their strength as well weakness of many.

Youths of this nation are the liberator of the future generations,when you can change something do it without hesitation let your impact be made known across the globe,silent is like cancer it hits you slowly when you are unaware by the time it strikes you will not have controll over it. Our nation requires strong men and women who can stand without fear and point out injustices that some believe to be justice,stand up strong and fight for survival of your nation.

Content created and supplied by: ChrispineBonkez (via Opera News )


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