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Prosperity Party: A Brand New Incubator of Paranoia & Terror

In the demon-infested politics of Ethiopia, governance is based an ancient Abyssinian algorithm (AA) that automates terror, oppression, repression and predation. Things change and nothing changes. Names, faces, ages, and tenures of rulers change, but their reigns and modus operandi remain the same. 

The accursed algorithm reigns supreme. This algorithm favours and produces tyrants each of whom mafufactures and dispenses his own signature terror regime. 

Now it’s Abiy Ahmed’s turn. A man who burst onto the political scene with with a different name, a reformist rhetoric, and an unnatural but well- choreographed association with peace and calm demeanor. AA even feigned magnanimity and greatness and fooled everyone to win the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize. 

However, in the end he followed in the footsteps of his predecessors and governed as a tyrant. He got rid of the wicked and predatory EPRDF, but replaced it with his own incubator of deception and repression, Prosperity Party (PP). 

Tyrants replace tyrants. And tyranny begets tyranny. And each tyrant recruits and deploys his own lieutenants of terror, making tyranny a perennial, corrosive, Self-propelling, and inherently radioactive dynamic in Ethiopian politics.

The killing fields in Oromia bear witness to this quintessentially Ethiopian calamity. The latest and ugliest manifestation of this lethal affliction is evident in the savage slaughter of young Oromos in Nekemte, East Wollega Zone. 

Tyranny is not a smart or profitable enterprise.Prosperity Party is a brand new incubator of paranoia, repression and terror. The rule of tyrants self- destructs.Silence and indifference amount to complicity.

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