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8 Reason Libya Under Muammar Gaddafi Was a Great Place to Live

In his 42 years in power until his assassination in October 2011, Gaddafi achieved one of the greatest things in his country.

Below are some hidden facts about Gaddafi that you probably didn't know that will help you appreciate him.

1. During his rule in Libya, home ownership was considered a fundamental right. He even made sure that he and his people could not buy a house until every Libyan had one. His mother and partner lived in a tent.

2. During his time, his government donated $50,000 to newlywed couples to help them buy a house or rent a place to start a new life.

3. Education and clinical treatment are provided free of charge. According to research, before he took over, only 25% of the total population was in education, but under his leadership, that figure rose to 83%.

4. Everyone who wants to start farming receives state support. His organization gave them free land as well as most of the necessary development equipment, seeds and trained them for free.

5. Any Libyan who expects to buy a car will get an organization branch at half the price. In its heyday, gasoline cost $0.14 a liter.

7. Banks do not charge interest on loans. Every Libyan can borrow it and repay it interest-free.

8. Free water and electricity bills.

However, he had some imperfections in his life, it can be said that he led Libya to one of the strongest economies in the world. Any Libyan who lived in his time would agree that it was the best the country had ever seen. After his death, things took a turn for the worse.


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