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[OPINION] Aspects You Should Consider Before You Vote In A Leader In The 2022 General Elections

[Photo courtesy of a Kenyan casting her vote]

The next Kenyan general election is expected to take place on the 9th of August 2022.

During this period Kenyan citizens normally exercise their constitutional rights by voting in the leaders. This is not the first time we are going into elections as we have done this several times.

Normally, months before the general election, politicians are always seen roaming about the country trying to convince the locals how perfect they're for a particular position. However, reflecting on the previous leaders we had voted in, it has turned out that not all of them are fit for leadership.

Below are some of the aspects you should consider before voting for your favorite leader in the general elections.

1. A leader who connects with the locals- He/she should be able to understand the life situation of the voters.

2. Non-tribal leader.

3. He/she must be visionary- Thinks about the future

4. Accessibility- Should always be there when his/her people are in need.

5. Previous accomplishments while in office.

6. Corrupt-free.

7. A courageous leader who will stand by his/her word.

Reportedly majority of Kenyans have always been left complaining of poor leadership just years after the election.

This is because of the mistakes we make when selecting our leaders.

Some people choose leaders because of the party, tribe, and financial status of the political candidate.Luckily 2022 general elections are another chance given to us to rectify our mistakes.

Even though there have been cases of elections being rigged that shouldn't stop us from making the right decision in the ballot box.

Don't accept bribes from politicians and be used to cause chaos in society. Stand your ground and be clear with what you want. Enough is enough we need change.

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