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Here Are 7 Good Things That Gaddafi Did In Libya

The assassination of former Libyan liberal leader Muammar Gaddafi has ignited several debates and split Africa into two factions. Others who backed the leader and those who were adamantly opposed.

The US administration hailed his death while he was still in office as a victory over his tyrannical rule. Even after all these years, many people still feel Gaddafi was a fantastic leader and that assassinating him was a poor idea.

1. Having a home was considered a human right in Libya under Gaddafi's tenure. He had even stated that he and his parents would be unable to purchase a home until every Libyan had one. When he was alive, his mother and wife were still living in a tent.

2. During his reign, his government would give all newlyweds $ 50000. This aimed to help them start their new life by assisting them in acquiring a home or renting an apartment.

3. Medical treatment and education were both provided free of charge during Gaddafi's reign. According to studies, just 25% of the population was literate before he came to power, but that percentage grew to 83 percent during his reign.

4. Anyone who chose to pursue farming as a vocation received official help while Gaddafi was still in power. His government would give him free land as well as all of the required farming equipment, seeds, and livestock to start a farming career.

5. Any Libyan in need of treatment that was not available in Libya would be sponsored by the government to travel abroad while he was still in power. They would also be sponsored throughout their education.

6. During Gaddafi's reign, every Libyan who wanted to buy a car received a government subsidy of 50% off the price. During his rule, a liter of fuel cost $0.14.

7. During his reign, banks would not charge interest on loans. Any Libyan could borrow money and repay it without interest.

Despite his failings during his lifetime, we may conclude that he helped Libya grow into one of the world's most powerful economies. Anyone who lived in Libya during his reign will tell you that it was the best the country had ever seen. Since his death, life in Libya has never been the same.

Content created and supplied by: EnockKipkorirYator (via Opera News )

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