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A Dynesty Nation "kings,emperors "

Independence is truely a nice thing to have,freedom is great too.Imagine you didnt have freedom of your own or freedom taken from you.I tend to think that some people on earth were born lucky and some of us were born to keep them company.For instance being born in a palace ,a prince ,a princess ,the Duke ,how does that feel.Being called the first son / daughter of a dictator who has been in power for Decades the likes of Putin ,Mugabe these men are like kings too.

The good part of a dynesty is that you dont have to wastemuch resources in presidential elections,secondly you are born knowing whode your next leader.For instance King Charles 3 has know that he is the next leader of the UK hence mentorship starts from a young age.

Okay lets focus on the real story now ,North Korea is a dynesty ruled by Kim Jong Un.Kim being the youngest leader in the world is also an admiration to many who would wish to be presidents. This man Kim got into power in 2011 after his dad the former President died.Its funny how KimJong Un rose in millitary ranks to the highest rank and he never attended military college.My point is that some dynesties are good while others are not too bad regarding who rules you next.

Kenya almost a dynesty too ,we have experienced leadership of father and son H.E Jomo Kenyatta and Uhuru Kenyatta,many of the leaders we have are either from political families. Its true dynesties will never end.

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