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Angry Elders From West Alego Now Demand A Public Apology From MP Atandi Over Attacks on Siaya DG

Members of the West Alego Elders Forum have strongly condemned the disparaging remarks made by area Member of Parliament Samuel Atandi against Siaya Deputy Governor Dr. William Oduol Denge.

West Alego Elders Forum during the County Budgetary Allocation public participation held at Uranga, DO's office early this year.

While addressing beneficiaries of the Alego-Usonga 2023 National Government Constituency Development Fund Bursaries Mr. Atandi attacked the Deputy Governor saying it was his efforts to usurp the authority of Governor Orengo that stunted growth and fomented chaos in the Executive arm of the Siaya County Government. Atandi who did not mince his words concerning his ambition to vie for the governorship in the future labeled Dr. Oduol a stumbling block and promised to deal with him without wasting time.

The MP came short of calling the governor a thief claiming that his short stints with international Corporations such as Microsoft, Safaricom, and Coca-Cola could be a result of unnamed character deficiencies.

Led by their Chairman Joachim Ayimba and Bishop Joshua Agolla the elders have termed Atandi's behavior impudence of the highest order.

"Such arrogance in a youthful leader whom we just gave the mandate to steer the Constituency to greater heights for another five year-term is both unfortunate and uncalled for. We have been observing a frightful trend where Atandi has increasingly shown disrespect for elders including beating up South East Alego Chief Joseph Ojala. We will not tolerate any further disrespect to William Oduol Denge who is a pillar of this community and a revered elder in the wider Siaya County," said the elders through their spokesperson.

Mr. Stephen Okumu.

One of the Elders and former Secretary of Prominent Persons of Alego-Usonga Mr. Stephen Okumu personally condemned the action of the MP calling it immature and shameful. "You don't go attacking someone of Dr. Oduol's stature in public and expect that the voters will take it lying down. The young man has goofed and I can assure you this time he has bitten more than he can chew," said Mr. Okumu, adding " Dr. Oduol is no walkover. You will see the long-term outcome of this soon!".

The leaders pledged to dispense with the preparations for Maandamano on Monday before officially demanding an apology from the area MP.

Asked what form of pressure they intended to put on their demands for an apology the elders said "just wait you'll see."

Meanwhile, a cross-section of residents of West Alego have joined in calling out Atandi's Friday attack on Oduol inopportune and unwarranted. Former West Alego Member of County Assembly Charles Apuda pleaded with Alego leaders to stop hanging their dirty linen in public.

Former West Alego MCA Charles Oluoch Apuda.

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