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An Open Letter To Raila Amollo Odinga

Hello, former prime minister. I am an unhappy Kenyan citizen as of now. My pride for Kenya and its democracy is fading away like dew in the sun. Where and when did the rain start beating us, I meant you, me, political fraternity and we as Kenyans. I miss those old good days when Baba was Baba, an enigmatic leader to be precise, when politics was politics, when government was government and opposition, opposition. I don't mean what you think, you did right siding with the Government for a better cause, the problem is that when you crossed the floor opposition died. But in government you can still help.

I know the Government didn't mean bad, when it closed the five counties and introduced curfew. I thought you knew that one of Kenya's dream is to be a 24 hour economy, how will it be with such restrictions. Ain't we killing the future generation by doing this? Some do have elderly to take care of, some jobless, some stranded on Kenyan roads as they ran home to beat curfew time, some have had, I mean students slept at Uhuru park. You ain't to blame at all, for job losses, suicides because of hard economic times, hike of prices of everything, funny enough bread included, murders, school dropouts, family feuds, but I think Enigma can do something. Baba, Africa's pride, a statesman you can do something, convince your brother Uhuru Kenyatta to open up the economy, allow not the mama mboga ,mutura guy suffer. I know you would, I believe in your ability. Do that and Wanjiku atakupeleka State House.

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