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Meet Peter Kagwanja, Husband To CS Defence Monica Juma

Peter Kagwanja is husband to CS Defence Monica Juma as well a very hardworking and determined gentlemen always ready and focused in achieving the best of his dreams in his career profession. He is an accomplished scholar but a very cool person who largely keeps matters his life off public limelight unlike his wife who is always into the public owing to her position as a public servant.

Peter Kagwanja has been the strength and pillar of his wife always supporting her to ensure she achieved the best of her dreams in life. He is an intellectual thinker as well an author having written various books among them Electoral Chrisis of 2008 as well Kenyan Uncertain Democracy.

Peter Kagwanja has been a pro-democracy activist and person who has worked with different leaders among them Gitobu Imanyara, James Orengo as well different other leaders to fight for clean and clear democratic space in the country. He however of recent has kept largely off public limelight obviously for his own personal reasons as well focusing more on issues his businesses.

Peter Kagwanja is also a person who really believes in the power of women a reason he has always supported his wife career path. It's clear CS Monica Juma has also experience from different sectors a confirmation that really her husband has been a pillar always supporting her to succeed in life.

Peter Kagwanja and Monica Juma have kids together though they vastly keep off issues private from public limelight. It's a family that really believes in togetherness as the strong bond that holds them as one team a demonstration of the strong family values in him given he always takes his family as his everything as it comes first.

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