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Information Leaks On Why Kithure Kindiki's Interior Ministry Has Been Ranked the Most Corrupt

The Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government is the most corrupt docket, according to a report from an Ethics and Anti-Corruption (EACC) assessment on corruption.

All government departments may serve as havens for vice, but the CS Kithure Kindiki-led docket stood out for a number of reasons.

According to scientific studies, bribery and kickbacks account for the majority of ...

The key docket, which is the most corrupt of all, has unethical behavior and corruption at 42.4%, according to the research.

The Ministry of Health (19.7%) is in last position, and the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning (11.7%) is in third.

The Ministry of Defense (7.6%) and the Ministry of Education (8.3%) are the others.

According to the report, the Interior Department's departments are leading the pack among all of the government agencies.

The Kenya Police is placed #1 among state departments and agencies for having the highest incidence of corruption and unethical behavior, with a score of 82.1%.

The Immigration Department (17.3%) is in third place, followed by the Registration of Persons (25.2%).

The National Land Commission (6.8%), the Directorate of Land (8.5%), the Department of Devolution (7.9%), the Department of Education (6.7%), and the Kenya Defense Forces (6.4%) are additional departments.

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