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Bevelyn , A Chips Seller Issues A Contradicting Statement to That of Millicent Omanga After The Politician Helped Her

Bevalyn Kwamboka, a student who maintains a casual business in Nairobi's Donholm area, has disgraced nominated Senator Millicent openly on twitter for allegedly deceiving Kenyans.

The student, who sells chips by the side of the road, has called the Senator asserting that she didn't give her any money as she had before alleged on her web-based media platform. On Tuesday, October 5, Omanga visited Kwamboka at her work place and gifted her an umbrella and aprons, all branded her name.

The nominated Senator then, at that point, took photographs with Kwamboka, and alongside were three sacks of potatoes, various umbrellas and two aprons.

Omanga shared the photographs via web-based media expressing that she had engaged Kwamboka by furnishing her with all she expected to maintain her business easily.

"Bevalyne Kwamboka is currently sorted. Umbrella, money and stock to help her hustle. Mvua au jua haitamharibia biashara tena (Come rain or shine, she won't need to close her business). Presently we should go eat those chips," she expressed.

Her actions were followed with much recognition from Kenyans while some even criticized her for deciding to give her stock instead of taking her to school. Things, however, went in a new direction on Thursday, October 7, after Kwamboka gave contradicting statements on her social media handles.

The business woman noticed that what Omanga shared was false.

"For clarification, Millicent Omanga just bought potatoes worth Ksh350, emerged from the vehicle with 5 umbrellas, took photographs, returned them and gave out one and two aprons. Cash was not included and she just bought potatoes worth Ksh350. The big sacks all of you saw in the photograph are mine and I got them with my own cash when I began my day," Kwamboka's assertion read.

From that point, Kenyans on twitter blamed Omanga for misusing the young people for her own gains.

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