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Crowd Goes Wild as Maina Njenga Lectures Raila after Confirming Support for Him

Maina Njenga, a former Mungiki Sect leader, moved the crowd at Raila Odinga's Azimio la Umoja campaign in Nyeri County on Saturday when he chastised Raila courageously over his previous Azimio la Umoja rallies.

The outspoken leader declared his unwavering support for a Raila presidency, claiming that the people of Mount Kenya also adore the ODM leader. He did, however, inform Raila that he has been making some errors and that the general public is protesting. He stated that they want Raila to reduce his meetings with the wealthy and increase his time with average citizens dubbed "Mama Mbogas" and the BodaBoda.

"Tunakupenda sana lakini wasikusingire sana wamesema matajiri sana. Lazima wakati na watu wa BodaBoda, watu wa chini ili usikie shida yao, "Maina said, which translates roughly as; "We adore you, but they are advising the wealthy not to surround you excessively. You should occasionally get into contact with BodaBoda operators, common wananchi, in order to listen to their issues "'.

Maina also stated that at the majority of Raila's rallies, vocal and courageous youth are denied the opportunity to speak, an oversight he urged Raila to correct.

"Na nataka nikuambie tukienda mikutano yako kama representatives za vijana lakini wale vijana wajaziri hawaongei (When we attend your meetings as youngsters, the brave ones are denied the opportunity to speak)," he said to Raila.

Maina also stated that he has known Raila for a long period of time and that the ODM leader assisted him in obtaining his education, and thus he cannot forget him. He did, however, criticize Raila for forgetting long-time supporters throughout his campaign mobilizations.

"Tumekuwa na Baba nimemjua siku mingi, amenisaidia ata kwa masomo yangu, lakini wakati wa mobilisation unasahau na jeshi (We have been with Baba for such a long time, he even assisted me with my education)," Maina explained.

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