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"We Will Accept " Martha Karua Makes This Clear On The Presidential Results

"We Will Accept " Martha Karua Makes This Clear On The Presidential Results

Azimio la Umoja one Kenya depth presidential candidate Martha Karua says that the coalition will respect Supreme Courts' judgment, in the 2022 general election presidential petition. Raila's running mate in the 9th presidential election spoke at a funeral service for the late Grace Wambui Njoka in Kianderi village Kirinyaga central. She said that there can be no lasting peace without justice. The Azimio brigade is ready to challenge the presidential results.

karma said that a country deserves justice and peace where he quotes the Kenyan national anthem, which states that justice is our shield and defender. She said that it's a must that they will get justice which will be ruled out by the Supreme Court. She urged everyone to be patient with the final ruling by the court. The people of Kenya have decided and the only thing remaining is for the Supreme Court to make its final decision regarding the 9th August polls.Karua added that they will accept the decision by the Supreme Court.

She took the opportunity also to urge Kenyans to maintain peace and oneness in this great nation, without even looking at who's political side is supporting.

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