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Reasons Young People Don’t Vote

Too many barriers for them to overcome

-Too busy or had a conflict on Election Day / couldn’t afford to spend time in a long line, lack of transportation, inconvenient hours or location of polling place/trouble locating their polling place, registration problems, lacking proper ID, or being out of town / did not receive an absentee ballot in time to vote. Among youth 18 and 19 years old who were not registered to vote, 23% said they missed the registration deadlines, 6% said they didn’t know where or how to register.

They’re not taught how the government and elections work 

-Having information about how, when, and where to vote can help young people be and feel prepared to vote as well as reduce any level of intimidation they may feel. A healthy democracy needs well-informed, active citizens. But these citizens don’t just magically appear.

Talking to kids about the election

People learn citizenship. They learn it, for example, as children when they go to the polling place to watch their parents vote. They learn it advocating for an issue they care about with their neighbors. They learn it by doing it.

They’re not interested in politics

-A majority of young people don’t think voting is an effective way to change society

-Some are apathetic or too busy. Others don’t like their choices, they don’t think their vote matters, or they think the system is corrupt.

They are not encouraged to vote by candidates, families, friends, or neighbors.

-A young person’s home environment can have a large impact on their engagement. Youth who live in a place where members of their household are engaged and vote are more likely to do so themselves.

-Research has consistently shown that contact by political campaigns is effective in engaging young people and driving voter turnout. This contact is particularly critical in civic deserts, where young people are less likely to vote than their peers in places where they perceive higher access to civic opportunities.

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