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Kenyan Journalist Who Exposed President Museveni For Using Child Soldiers In Fight For Freedom

While renowned Kenyan Journalist Mohamed Amin is remembered for doing great things, one of his deeds that sparked a lot of mixed reactions was when he exposed President Museveni for using children in his fight for freedom.

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Back in the 90s, the late Mohamed Amin went viral after posting several pictures showing how Africans in poor countries were suffering, an incident that caught the attention of the Western Countries who decided to start NGOs and what not to save Africans.

This according to the reports given by those who knew him is just one of the main great things that he did before dying in a deadly accident at the Indian Ocean.

For instance, it has been revealed that Amin is the same Journalist who helped expose President Museveni For Using children to fight for the freedom of Uganda.

According to the reports given by a reliable source of information, it has been revealed that Amin Visited these children's barracks and took photos of President Museveni who was accompanied with children dressed in Military uniform.

This according to the media sparked a lot of mixed reactions from a number of organizations at the time who raised concerns about the President using children to fight for his country.

Another thing, Amin died in a Deadly aeroplane crash and when it happened, Survivors revealed that he was the only person who confronted Suspects who had hijacked the plane.

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