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Eunice Cherono "Takes Kenyans For a Ride" as She Explains How God Awarded her KEMSA Tender

The probe to towards how billions dissapeared into people's pockets from KEMSA has taken a new twist after one of the people been probed raise new allegations. Yesterday was an interesting day for a lady Eunice Cherono. When called to the panel, she explained how miraculously and through prayer she was able to move to KEMSA, a place new to her and just like that, she landed herself a tender worth 42million kshs.

These caught the panelists as a surprise as they expected her to explain to deeper details, how and who were present and maybe assisted her towards getting the tender which in due process would have taken some longer duration to acquire.

Kenyans took to social media and local radio stations to air their dissatisfaction with how she explained herself. Many argued that without any reasonable doubt, she is corrupt and ought to pay for her activities. "Let the law take it's course," was said by one citizen, therough a phone call at Kiss100 radio station as the discussion was ongoing.

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