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"You Will Burn In Hell" Un Apologetic Kuria Fires Back at Critics Over GMO Policy

Moses Kuria, the cabinet secretary for investment, trade, and industry, rebuffed critics who had been hammering him for his most recent comments on GMO products and the government's support of their importation.

Kuria observed that the wealthy, whom he has characterized as idlers, constitute the majority of individuals criticising him. Such people, in his opinion, are impostors who eat pizza and fat fingers. He insisted that they would prevent hustlers from going hungry and warned anyone who criticized them of God's vengeance.

"You will burn in hell for being so cruel as to continue bashing our GMO policies when Hustlers are dying of starvation and eating poisoned donkey meat," one Twitter user wrote in response to another.

When he claimed that Kenyans would still die even if they avoided using GMOs, Kuria sparked outrage online.

Source: 1593885072016424960 on Twitter (HonMoses Kuria); t=NngxCSk0DgIytfDgIytfDgIytfDf7AAamw; s=19

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