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Kenyan Leaders-This is What you Should Know about Them

Once my grandmother told me something so wise that still lingers in my mind. She said, ' grandson, when your dog tries to bite someone else you still keep it, then you will have yourself to blame when it finally bites you."

I might not have understood those words then because I was young but today I do and I would like us to talk.

Every five years in Kenya we line up through the polling both and via ballot boxes to choose our leaders. But what do we look for when we spend our time in those polling stations?

It's sad to note that most of us we chose a leaders either because he or she is from our tribe or because we share the bloodline. I think gone are the days when our judgement would be compromised by Corruption. But unfortunately, that's where we are. A coin or a note behind the tent and yah! You have my vote.

This is literally why we Kenyans keep on suffering. We choose a leader not because of their good qualities but rather out of how much they can give us during campaigns. You know am always encouraged by the maturity of the United States of America's Campaign season. No corruption or taking of bribe, and if so this is a great offense. However, in Kenya we have normalized this heinous act.

Now please follow me as I explain why we start crying immediately after our leaders sit on their paying seats enjoying all allowances despite our cries. Assuming am a leader, who used 10 million shillings while doing my campaigns; much of which I gave out as bribes. When am elected, I will choose to plough back what I lost first during those campaigns. Then I shall add more profit so as not to have wasted my time. But where do I get all these money from? Your guess is as good as mine. That money will come from the few resources given to me to dispatch to different projects. So by the time am starting serious work and playing my constitutional roles and responsibilities, it's one year to election. Then the cycle repeats itself.

My advice.

Dear Kenyans, no one is in a better position to stop this corruption and intentionally choosing evil leaders than us. We elect them to lead us. Definitely, we are their bosses and therefore we should chose leaders who can work for us unconditionally. We should not choose a leader simply because he gave us cash. That will be the same mistake we keep repeating expecting different results.

I have just spoken my mind. What's yours?

Let us discuss.

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