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"This Is Politics And Not Law," Moses Kuria Tells Rarieda MP Otiende

Mosea Kuria on Facebook has reminded Otiende Amollo what he wrote on 15th July 2020,He informed him to carry a pen and a notebook in case he calls him next time.

Moses Kuria continued informing Otiende to be aware that this is politics and not law, otherwise he will cry all the way to kit Mikaye.

This is what he posted on Facebook,

"To my fellow congerant at St Austin’s Catholic Hon Otiende Amolo. This was 15th July 2020, 9 months ago. And NOW! Next time I call you, come with a pen and a notebook. This is politics not law. Otherwise you will cry all the way to Kit Mikaye."

A fan replied saying,"We have a better stone island at the exterior mouth of Asembo Bay overlooking Chianda where Otiende resides, is it called Kayundi or Ochieng'a?"

Another fan replied saying,"I like how you see things from a different angle... I always mistaken your thoughts was under influence of whisky. But I was wrong all along wacha waskie utamu ya kusupport baba blindly. Alafu story ya juja inaendaje."

Another fan replied saying,"Kuria doesn't beat about the bush. Ruthless using simple and clear language. This not law it is politics."

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