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How Rachel Ruto has already championed women in the country before her husband is sworn in

The Joyful Women Organisation (JOYWO) was established by Rachel Ruto in 2009 with the goal of empowering Kenyan women economically through financial inclusion.

The Mama Movement includes JOYWO, which has expanded to over 110,000 women in 6,000 groups spanning 41 counties. The Mama Movement combines seven essential initiatives that encourage community-wide socioeconomic change.

The nation's foremost advocate for women's economic development is the incoming first lady, Rachel Ruto.

In order to empower Kenyan women economically through financial inclusion made possible by table banking, the wife of the next president, William Ruto, launched the Joyful Women Organization (JOYWO) in 2009.

Over 110,000 women now participate in 6,000 groups across 41 counties in Kenya, and the organization now has a budget of $20 million (KSh 2.4 billion).

About Mama Movement

A component of the Mama Movement is JOYWO. The Mama Movement, according to its website, unifies seven key programs that spur socioeconomic change in communities in order to attain a high quality, holistic living through spirituality, group agency, voice, and influence.

The movement also includes Mama Fresh, Destiny Women, Mama Feeding Programme, Carakana, Mama Cycling, and Rear Guard in addition to JOYWO. The initiative is supported by Rachel, a businesswoman with holdings in the tourism, real estate, and agriculture industries.

Mother Fresh Mama Fresh is a social enterprise that connects young people and women working in small-scale agriculture with markets.

Destiny Women

By offering affordable, women-sensitive financial services, the financial institution helps table banking women groups undergo a socioeconomic change.

Mama feeding

Through feeding initiatives, the nonprofit organization encourages vulnerable primary school students in informal settlements to have access to education.


A social company called Carakana supports the transfer and maintenance of indigenous talents in the creation of high-quality handcrafted goods for vulnerable populations' welfare and sustainable livelihoods.

Mama Cycling

The organization brings riders and cycling enthusiasts together to promote cycling-friendly communities.

Back Guard

It provides faith-based programs that promote hope via advocacy, prayer, and acts of restitution.

Mama movement's partnership with Google

Google and the Mama Movement entered a partnership in June 2022. Women affiliated with Carakana will display needlework goods as a result of the relationship.

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