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Challenges Encountered By Kenya Defence Force Officers

The Kenya Defense Force commonly known as KDF is one of the very important organs of the government. The main work of Kenya Defence Force is to ensure that there is maximum security in the country, they offer protection of the citizens and they also protect our our country's resources. The Commander in chief of the arm forces, the President is the head of this special organ in our country Kenya. According to our constitution, he is elected by the citizens after every five years.

Most of our youths thinks that being part of the Kenya Defense Force is a joke. Some always works towards this dream while some can achieve this dream through corruption. What makes most of be interested in this job, is the good payment and high chances of being employed due to mass recruitment every year with little academic requirements.

What I love about Kenyans is that they always take advantage of an opportunity, if it presents itself. However, it is good to take advantage of an opportunity like this but do it with proper qualifications because everything has its own consequences. Just to let you know, this is a call not an opportunity as many of you think. It is a sacrifice one need to make to serve our nation, Kenya, don't be greedy. This is a special call for special people who are willing to sacrifice so many things in their lives in order to serve the nation.

Being a soldier of this nation means that you have to go through so many difficult situations in your life for the sake of your own country. Some of these Challenges that you have to encounter is staying away from your own family, risking your own life for wellbeing of others among other challenges.

I'm a hundred percent sure that you have heard of stories of the families that have lost their own blood while on duty protecting our country, for example Yusuf Koriyo's story. We all know how the government of Kenya treated Koriyo's family. It is very painful that the military will only think about you when you are present but when you die they completely forget about you.

Yusuf Koriyo's story left so many families whose their sons are on the frontline worried. I think when bribing your way in the Kenya Defense Force to defend the country, think about those who love you such as your parents, children and wife.

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