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Homa-Bay Town's New Look

Picture of Cold Spring Hotel in Homa-Bay Town

Comparatively, the image of current Homa-Bay town is totally different from that in the late 1950s. This difference has been brought about by technological and infrastructural advancement.

There is a massive improvement in its urban morphology. Looking back at the modern town based on structures and arrangement of buildings, Homa-Bay town is in the process of meeting some of the millennium Goals.

Well, every town's management team currently tries to modernize its town. The main focus is to ensure that, there is an improvement in both social, economic and technological state.

Homa-Bay town is located or situated in Homa-Bay County, Homa-Bay Constituency. This County is headed by His Excellency Governor Syprian Awiti. Worthwhile mentioning is the construction of Homa-Bay Sport's Stadium.

The Stadium is located outskirt the town, Sofia estate behind Homa-Bay High School. There is a aggressiveness in all dimension to ensure that the projects currently taken to be completed as soon as possible.

Notably, there had been assumption to improve several town sectors, though such investment through construction are perceived to attract both public and private investors.

However, within Homa-Bay town to the direction of Homa-Bay High School, there is Ruma National Hotel with ample parking space. This helps in hospitalizing Visitors to the town.

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