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Here are the Questions Justice Chitembwe was asked and how he Tackled them, No 4 Raised an Alarm

Today the search for the new Chief Justice kicked off with Justice Chitembwe Said Juma (pictured) on the grilling seat as he answered questions directed to him.

Here are some of the questions he was tasked to answer.

Interviewer: What makes you the best candidate for this job if elected today?

Chitembwe: “First the Chief Justice being elected should be a person who understands, should be energetic, sociable and a leader that will enhance the constitution of Kenya. If elected for the post my duty will be to dispense justice and I know where to do better. I will also try and build on what others have been doing for the past and emulate them like what David Maraga and Willy Mutunga did for the judicial system.”

Interviewer: What can of issues will you try and solve if elected?

Chitembwe: “I will try as much as possible to fix the backlog of cases that are pending in the courts. Kenyans file cases that are expected to be heard, completed and justice to be served in a timely manner. Also on the issue of administrative I will not say I can fix it but will familiarize myself with colleagues and know what is issues surrounding the court system.”

Interviewer: What will Chief Justice Chitembwe bring inform of transformative agenda to the Judicial System?

Chitembwe: “In the first six months in office I will not bring any new agenda but will try and know the weaknesses are and enhance on them. My main transformative agenda will be to dispense justice within reasonable time that will be my Label.”

Interviewer: On the issue of age consent and conflict of interest, like the case of Martin Charo do you think your personal views will have affected on how you handled the case?

Chitembwe: “First am not advocating for reduction of age consent but as a judge it is my responsibility to analyze what transpired. Like this case of Charo and the 17 year-old girl, the parents and the brothers knew where the sister was and he had even gone to the parents’ house and spent a night there.”

“So this was a relationship and this person should not have been given a sentence of 20 years as the one given to a person who has defiled a minor. The law is progressive and its application must pay attention to social and behavioral changes.”

Some other questions he answered on the level of corruption in the courts he said, “Corruption in the judiciary is not a public perception but a reality.”

He also weighed in that one in the judiciary industry should justify the salary he/she gets. Everyone should be kept on toes concerning delayed backlog cases, who are working and who are not? How many rulings have been made by each judge?

Continue to follow the briefings as they unfold. Make sure to follow for more news and share.

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