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Too Low: Kenyans React To Malala's Attack On Robert Alai

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Cleophas Malala's online fight with Robert Alai has taken a different direction after he (Malala) launched his latest attack on the renowned blogger.

The Kakamega Senator, through his Facebook page said Alai would know a degree if he knew what a circumcision certificate looked like.

"Someone should tell Alai that a university diploma looks a lot like a circumcision certificate. You can't tell the former if you don't know the latter," he wrote.

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The past few days have seen the Kakamega gubernatorial seat aspirant produce his academic certificates, to prove he is learned. The Kakamega senator had to display his academic certificates in public to clear all doubts that arose.

However, Robert Alai did not believe the authenticity of Malala's papers and went ahead to analyze them, and according to him, both his high school and university certificates were fake.

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The senator's certificate for secondary education indicated that he sat for 7 subjects in the 2003 secondary certificate examinations. According to Alai's analysis, KNEC only registered candidates with at least 8 subjects, which makes Malala's certificate questionable.

The blogger also goes ahead to produce a list of USIU graduates for the year Malala graduated from the institution and claims the senator's name is not in the list.

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Robert Alai's scrutiny of his academic papers is probably why the senator decided to take things to another level.

Responding to Malala's post, Alai said the aspirant is only proving his point, that no one who went to the USIU would post what the senator posted.

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This comes just a few days after the senator's remarks on the police service which did not sit well with Kenyans, and especially the police service itself, and it has elicited different reactions from Kenyans on social who have opined that te senator has stooped too low.

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