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How the 2022 elections are likely to increase poverty in Kenya

In as much a constitutional exchange of governance is exercised, a poverty turmoil emanates upon power transfer and I will tell you how.

The constitution allows for a democratic race for power as seen in the past elections with the presidential candidates having quite a popularity.

Now here comes the 2022 elections, we are going to vote, right? But wait, why are you voting in the first place, to get your friend into power, or is it because he or she is from your tribe? Or are you that patriotic to be driven by the need for justice and democracy ? Oh please, you are not any less than the others.

It's more of a fact than an expectation that politicians will try to awe residents with handouts and 'promises'. These handouts are more or less the price of a loaf of bread . Kenyans please, you are shrewd enough to guess the motive behind such gestures. Another conspiracy meant to buy our votes.

Now look at it this way, you vote for them because you have a free snack, and after they get into power what happens? Five years down the line, nothing. No jobs, no opportunities, absolutely nothing! Are we that volatile to be robbed at daylight, and now here comes the shocking part; Have you ever noticed that during elections it's when the politicians have money to goose around with flashy cars, big campaigns, and so on yet the public toilet is dried off the water?

Basic amenities, many of which are depended dearly by the lower class are controlled by politicians in the government, the same leaders that are always in tuxedos yet their people are in poverty.

We need to fight this pattern, with our words please ,a twist of events perhaps ,its going to favor you at the end and you know that.

Let this be a wake-up call, don't just take that 100 shillings, challenge them on what they plan for their people. In doing so, only serious and ambitious leaders will shine through, and if they change after being elected, then speak, your vote counts. Let us head into 2022 elections smarter with our choices and mark my word, things will change and poverty will gradually diminish.

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