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"Kisumu is Ready to Host the World," Governor Nyongo Reveals his Africities Summit Preparations

It is just a matter of time before Kisumu City makes history as one of the African cities that hosted the Africities Summit. This is after it was selected as the city that will host the 9th Africities Summit in November 2021.

The Kisumu Governor Professor Peter Anyang Nyongo is not taking any chances as the host of this very important event. In one of his tweets on December 14, 2020 Anyang Nyongo spoke about inspecting some of the projects related to hosting of the summit.

“Today I joined PS’s Charles @Charles_Sunkuli (@Devolution254), Jerom Ochieng (@MoICTKenya) and Joe Okudo (@moscakenya) in inspecting various facilities related to the hosting in Kisumu in November 2021. Kisumu is getting ready to host the world,” twitted Governor Nyongo.

This event is hosted after every three years in different regions in Africa. The last Africities Summit was hosted in Marrakech, Morocco in 2018. Africities is the United and Local Governments of Africa’s flagships Pan-African event that is held every three years in one of the five regions of approach.

Such summits are always very important to the hosting cities since they always bring with them a lot of economic goodies. When Marrakech hosted the summit 3 years ago, it said that the city hosted over 5000 participants.

Let’s put that to perspective; let’s talk about the hotels and motels where some of these visitors will be sleeping for their four days in Kisumu, how about the food producers? Think about the transport sector and other co operant factors. Indeed this summit will be a real deal for the city of Kisumu.

The professor being a planner that he is has made a raft of changes across the Kisumu City in the recent times in terms of the infrastructure, sanitation and even the beautification. Couple of days ago the Kisumu City manager ordered all the heavy trucks and PSVs to stop entering into the CBD.

There are other mega projects that have been going on in Kisumu City that will change the face of Kisumu at least before the Summit in November next year.


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