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List of Top 6 Most Developed Towns in Kenya 2020

Kenya has made significant political and economic reforms that have contributed to sustained economic growth, social development, and political stability gains. It is known as one of the most developing countries in Africa. The rate of development of these towns is massively affected by the following challenges overpopulation, unplanned housing, incresed crime, flooding, slum development and over pollution among others.

The below discussed towns are considered as the most developed towns in Kenya, they have grown in basis of:


b.Physical structures/development

c.Access to vital services such as hospital, banking among many others.


Nairobi is one of the places that is admired by so many people. It is the capital city of Kenya. Since the independence Nairobi has been growing very fast, it is one of the preferred business areas. Nairobi is currently the most developed town in Kenya, it has better facilities, ready market for businessmen due to its population and businesses.


Mombasa town reputation is well known countrywide, it is also known by outsiders. Mombasa is a cool place to be, it's a beautiful tourist attraction site. It has cool hotels, industries and tourist attraction sites.


Nakuru is one of the towns that are underated but it's also growing. Nakuru's tourist attraction sites is what is making it develop faster. Nakuru is also developed and life there is cheap.


This is the third largest town in Kenya. If you are looking for a place to settle then Kisumu and Eldoret are the best option. The life in these two towns is very simple and cheap, you will spend very little money daily to compared to someone who lives in Nairobi or Mombasa. Kisumu is also developing faster due to trading and fishing activities around Lake Victoria.


If you are looking for a town with so much industrial activities then you are encouraged to go to Thika town. The industrial activities in the area is increasing massively hence making it the most developing town currently in Kenya.


Eldoret town is developing very first due to the agricultural activities of the people living around. Eldoret is commonly known as the home of athletes too.

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