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Museveni Will Never Let You Win! Netizens Spark Mixed Reactions After Bobi Wine Alleges This

As Uganda prepares for the general elections tomorrow tension has been rising in different parts of the country with opposition leaders being harassed by the current administration.

Recently Bobi wine's house was invaded by security forces when he was on a live interview at Hot 96 Fm. As of today, He claimed that his agents are being frustrated by police officers as they prepare relevant documents for the activity.

Later in the day, a video has surfaced online showing a woman being mishandled by security forces and it's alleged to be His wife.

As these unfortunate events happen the legislature has taken to Twitter to express his gratefulness for having over 1 million followers which he says it's a good sign that victory is their portion.These however didn't go well with netizens as they rushed to express their mixed reactions.

Some supported him for having confidence as others bashed him on how he will make sure rigging doesn't happen instead of lamenting every time. To some not all followers on Twitter count as they are his adversaries who only check the information which he posts.

'Don't count those of us who are following to unpack any lie or Disinformation you put up. We are patriots who feel you want to fail our Country' - Matua Job Richard

'South Africa is behind you. Its time we place the container in the hands of people that will be there to see it through' - Nudie

'Unless something else happens between now and Election Day, museveni will never let you win.Hes doing everything in his power to denied media and outside observers visas' - Puzznat Pumla

'Dont be carried away.I asked you a simple question the other day on your readiness to check rigging with is inevitable tomorrow you did not come up with any answer' -Max Nditon

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