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Nominated Senator tells of Jubilee SG Raphael Tuju to take away his Job, reveals Itumbi

Dennis Itumbi has revealed that a Nominated Female Senator have now became tired of doing what is not right to please Jubilee members and now tells off Jubilee Secretary General Raphael Tuju to either accept the truth or take away The lucrative position in Senate if they don't want the right thing to be done.

  "NOMINATED Senator tells Jubilee SG @RaphaelTuju_EGH to his face, "you can take away my nominated seat if you so wish but I cannot abandon what is right" - the nominated Senator was with an elected Female Senator, in the Senate Leadership, who was also very firm in her resolve"

Dennis Ole Itumbi tweeted.

  Kenyans have reacted and blamed the senate for failing to show good leadership in the country.

Here are some of their reactions,

@AmalembaPeter tweeted,

"Nominated positions are given by the party and therefore she MUST support the party position. If she wants to support her own position mwambie aende kwa ground apiganie kiti kama wengine.

"There is Money for Referendum" Raila reveals as Kenya Secures a 16 Billion Loan from World Bank.

A referendum amidst a crushing economy high unemployment rate and all sorts of B.s this regime has to offer, hell, throw in the pandemic too. He belongs in jail with the rest of the traitors.

@Dumoro tweeted,

"The brutality of the purge seems to have lasting effects. Days down the lane guys have not woken up. Did talking points that endear to mwananchi die just like the imagined numerical strength everywhere?"

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