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Wajackoyah's Government to Export Dog Meat to Offset Chinese Debt if Elected President

The Roots Party Presidential Candidate has gained a lot of votes over the recent few months that he has been campaigning and this has placed him among the favorites to take over from President Uhuru come August.

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Wajackoyah gained widespread popularity when he said that his government will legalize the cultivation of bhang in the country while at the same time dabbling into snake farming in its bid to offset the bludgeoning Chinese debt that the country has.

This morning, according to reliable reports from the Roots Party Presidential Candidate, Wajackoyah has said that his government will also be exporting dog meat.

The controversial Presidential candidate has said that the export of the meat will help in alleviating the debt that the country has at the moment.

He did not elaborate much on the dog meat export business that his government will go into once he is elected as the fifth President of Kenya.

Wajackoyah was speaking in Kakamega when he toured the County on Sunday and was addressing the locals on how he will get the country back on track once he is elected.

He also said that he will be deporting any Chinese in the country who have taken up jobs that are meant to be handled by Kenyans.

Picture courtesy. Wajackoyah.

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