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"May God Intervene" Alfred Keter's Late Night Statement on Ongoing World Super Powers Wars

Former Nandi hills constituency member of the national assembly Hon Alfred Keter who was voted out in the August general elections and replaced with UDA party candidate Benard Kitur has come out to issue a statement on the ongoing Ukraine crisis.

In the statement, Keter expressed fears that the world may be preparing to see another world war if history is anything to go by. He pointed out that the events in Ukraine mirror the events that took place before the first world war and the second world war in 1914 and 1939 respectively.

"In 1914, Austria-Hungary’s declaration of war on Serbia prompted world super powers take sides leading to World War 1. In 1939, Germany invaded Poland prompting world super powers to take sides leading to World War 2. In 2022, Russia invades Ukraine with World super powers taking sides ... Oooh my God, intervene!" he wrote.

His statement comes at a time when Russia and Ukraine are embroiled in a never ending war that has threatened to plunge the globe into a war mode.

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