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Meet Son to Cs George Magoha, his occupation as Neurosurgery Lecturer (photos)

Professor George Magoha is a renowned public figure in the country.This is due to his position as the Cabinet Secretary for education in the Kenyan government.George Magoha is known for his serious and strick policies that he always outlines to be followed.He is a well articulate and self driven leader that the country is blessed to have.

Despite the cabinet secretary always being in the public eyes,his family and personal life is aways not known to the public.He prefers to keep his personal life private and only show and do what is expected of him.Aside from the strict side always shown on the media,Professor George Magoha has a soft stop for his family.

The cabinet secretary,George Magoha,is married to a beautiful lady,with a Nigerian origin,by the name Barbara Odudu Magoha.The couple first met while both were studying medicine at the University of Lagos,Nigeria.Currently,Barbara is a certified gynecologist by profession.George Magoha together with Barbara officially got married in the year 1982 and we’re blessed with a handsome son named Michael Augustus Magoha.

Michael Augustus (first on the left)

Michael Magoha has studied over the past years in very prestigious schools in the country.He once schooled at Strathmore University and Brook house.He later on join the University of Nairobi where he pursued a degree in medicine,which he completed in 2009.Michael seemed to have followed the footsteps of his parents as he went back to the University of Nairobi in 2011 to pursue a course in Neurosurgery.

Despite Michael Magoha not being in the public eye,it is known that the medical practitioner is a consulting surgeon at the Kenyatta National Hospital.Inaddition to that,Michael Magoha is also a lecturer at the University of Nairobi in the Neurosurgery department.He is a true definition that determination and persistence works as he was able to overcome different challenges that came along in his journey while studying and practicing medicine.

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George Magoha Kenyatta National Hospital.Inaddition Michael Augustus Michael Magoha University of Nairobi


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