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Ruto Explains How Hustlers Could Potentially, Become The Solution To Kenya's Problems

Deputy President William Ruto has been on the receiving end of attacks from rival Political camps due to his hustler narrative.

The narrative has been criticized by Ruto's detractors, who claimed that it was promoting poverty in Kenya. However, the Deputy President, has worked hard to educate more citizens about the narrative.

For Instance, the notion that one must be poor before being considered a hustler has been widely refuted by the DP. Most recently, Ruto spoke about Kenya's terrible economic state, which had allegedly seen the country spend about 1.6 trillion in paying debt money.

According to Ruto, this money could have been put to better use of the hustler mentality had already been in place in Kenya. Ruto, revealed that Kenya's economy would significantly grow, if hustlers and small businesses could be empowered more by the Government.

Ruto, went on to state that the country's debt crises would be a thing of the past, if focus would shift to empowering hustlers rather than the Building Bridges Initiative. According to Ruto, Kenya would acquire more tax money if the small businesses formed and hustlers would continue paying their taxes, after getting empowered.

The DP while assuring everyone that he had no problem with the BBI document, also revealed that the document was not the most significant matter, as it would create more opportunities for Politicians rather than hustlers and poor citizens.

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