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Kenya under receivership; Should we be worried? Is BBI realistic?

Covid-19 seems to have been the last straw that broke the camels back, its not a secret that Kenya has been experiencing serious economic and financial troubles in the last decade. Although we have seen a rise in economic growth and penetration as well as infrastructure and technology, the government has just not yet found the perfect system that ensures a balance in the governments expenditure. Loans have been a burden since Kibaki's time and instead of finding ways to repay the loans the government is adding to the already heavy one we have.

Honestly speaking, the government has failed leading to the receivership. when a government is under recievership, all major financial proposals need to be approved by the IMF even the BBI proposals need to tunneled via the IMF for approval. Although it might seem like a bad thing for our country, it might help stabilize the economy and even account for every sing penny of the common mwananchi's money.

The real question is how BBI will be implemented following the crisis in Kenya. Will the BBI vouchers realy fulfill the promises in the document? If so how? drop your comments below and share and follow for an in-depth review on the same. Thanks.

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