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Tanzanian Pastor Who Mocked Kenya On COVID-19 Deaths Pops Up With New Controversial Statement -VIDEO

Tanzanian preacher-cum lawmaker who mocked Kenya over the COVID-19 pandemic has this Wednesday issued another controversial statement.

Bishop Josephat Gwajima who recently won a parliamentarian seat on President John Magufuli's CCM Party ticket angered Kenyans back in March when he mocked them over COVID-19.

He said many Kenyas had succumbed to COVID-19 because of their foolishness of resolving to close down churches and other places of worship, instead of turning to God and seek his healing powers.

The preacher also showered Magufuli with praises for not 'getting swayed' by the world winds.

This Wednesday while in Parliament, Gwajima asked lawmakers and Tanzanians at large, not to get shaken out because of the second variant of COVID-19 that has plunged the whole world into a panic.

Gwajima said Tanzanians should stay brave the way they were during the first variant of the virus.

He also praised their decision to reject vaccines and living a normal life without observing the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines.

"Our decision to reject getting vaccinated and our decision to reject adhering to WHO's social distancing regulations are very right", he said in this video as fellow lawmakers applauded him.

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